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Conference program 2016


Multi-channel strategy and its influence on innovation (Grupo Boticário, Brazil)

Start : 10/13/2016 10:00
End : 10/13/2016 11:00
Place : Conference Room

Multi-channel and innovation

Speaker : Marina Adami, Open innovation leader Grupo Boticário, Brazil

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The consumer as a key player of innovation for beauty (SFC)

Start : 10/13/2016 11:00
End : 10/13/2016 13:00
Place : Conference Room

Chairman : Patrice Bellon, Position of the chairman: President of the “Société Française de Cosmétologie”

Interactive session with Chanel, MINTEL, Innovation and Inspiration, and SFC

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Evolution of beauty routines becomes a key innovation driver (Euromonitor, UK)

Start : 10/13/2016 13:00
End : 10/13/2016 14:00
Place : Conference Room

Speaker : Ildiko Szalai, Senior Analyst – Beauty and Personal Care

Consumers’ needs and routines are changing over time as they follow evolving trends or as they age and it is both driving and benefitting beauty innovations.

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Protect your business, protect your innovation (FEBEA)

Start : 10/13/2016 14:00
End : 10/13/2016 15:00
Place : Conference Room

Speaker : Emmanuelle Gourbin / Margaux de Bodard, Director of Legal Affairs

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Cosmetic research and innovation: focused insights and breakthroughs (CNRS)

Start : 10/13/2016 15:00
End : 10/13/2016 17:00
Place : Conference Room

Name of the chairman : Pr Richard Daniellou, Deputy to the Head of GDR Cosmactifs, the CNRS national network dedicated to active matters in Cosmetics

From academic research to market : focus on skin, formulation, & digital success stories

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How new digital instrumental skin evaluation technologies will boost cosmetics innovation (InnoFaith Beauty Sciences, NL)

Start : 10/14/2016 12:00
End : 10/14/2016 13:00
Place : Conference Room

Conventional instrumental evaluation technologies are limited in providing insight in the way a cosmetic product actually interacts with the skin of individuals. However, new digital imaging and processing technologies will provide new means to detect and explore even the subtlest cosmetic effect and in this way open new pathways to explore and evaluate new cosmetic treatments.

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Key K-beauty trends to watch (MINTEL, UK)

Start : 10/14/2016 13:00
End : 10/14/2016 14:00
Place : Conference Room

Speaker : M Andrew Mc Dougall, Mintel Global Beauty Analyst

How South Korea innovates and influences global beauty markets

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Amazon Forest-Based Cosmetics (SEBRAE, BR)

Start : 10/14/2016 14:00
End : 10/14/2016 15:00
Place : Conference Room

Speaker : Ms Wanderléia dos Santos Teixeira de Oliveira, Regional Coordinator SEBRAE

Value chain development, knowledge network, research and innovation of cosmetic products for the Amazon region.

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