Responsible Packaging #Cleantech


Two strong trends are shaping the packaging sector in early 2023: on the one hand, inflation and economic uncertainties and, on the other, the environmental crisis which is changing consumer mentalities.

In terms of the environment, two independent reports underscore an already widely known finding. One report, by the OECD, makes the alarming point that: At the current rate, the amount of plastic waste generated worldwide will triple by 2060, with about half of it ending up in landfill and less than a fifth being recycled. Another report by Greenpeace USA hammers this point home: so much plastic is produced that it is impossible to recycle it all, and recycling is expensive. The conclusion is clear: we need to give precedence to non-plastic containers that can be reused.

  • From an industrial point of view, the switch to refills requires a review of packaging: So what are the most popular materials in the refillable formats that are coming onto the market?
  • How are these practices changing with the introduction of refills and what solutions can be rolled out?
  • How is contamination control taken into account when packaging is kept for several uses?


Examples of sustainable packaging innovations include:


  • A lightweight glass jar: made from 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass, with a bio-based PP interior and a lid made from R-PET, PET or PP. All of the materials can be recycled after use.
  • A PET heavy wall outer jar with a glass-like appearance.
  • An inner container made from PP designed to be easily heat-sealed: one of the best solutions for refills.
  • Pads and masks developed in a neutral silicone material, which are washable and infinitely reusable.
  • A refillable mascara and lipstick that reduce plastic waste by around 30% after the second use compared to non-refillable solutions.
  • Airless technology protects the formula from external contamination and allows precise dosing to avoid waste. This innovation also means that consumers can recycle each component individually.


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