Beauty Tech, Connected Consciousness


Customer relations and the beauty routine of consumers are revisited through AI and the use of connected objects. In the future, artificial intelligence will enable consumers to measure the benefits of the care they apply on a daily basis thanks to high-tech connected objects. For brands, this data is one more opportunity tobetterpersonalise their advice.


Discover the 4 lastest technological innovations, 100% Beauty Tech:


GCS Co., Ltd. LEAF FUSION PLASMA – SOUTH KOREA: Leaf Fusion Plasma is a 6-function skin care device using plasma technology. It creates micro channels in the pores of the skin, safely with a minimal amount of ozone, and opens transdermal micro channels in the skin. Thanks to the AI, the user can communicate with the device in real time, telling it how to use the functions andtreatments.


CHOWISDermochoice AI-Powered Beauty Counselor – SOUTH KOREA: Dermochoice AI-Powered Beauty Counselor is a cross-platform skin diagnostic system based on CHOWIS AI technology and a BigData algorithm. The system is available on PC, tablet and smartphone. It can analyse many skin parameters such as pores, wrinkles, dark circles and spots. The system can recommend products onthebasis of the analysis results andlogonto anyproductpage. Dermochoice canbe integrated into any website.


AMAROS CO., LTD. Dermaroller™ set – SOUTH KOREA: The DERMAROLLER is a new concept of roller skin treatment device for PE (electroporation). Using the NNN™(neednoneedle) technology whichapplies innovative complex intermediate frequencies.


HITACHI VANTARASmart Manufacturing – USA: A true factory of the future, the brand presents a whole range of digital solutions, services, tools and technologies to transform data into real information to improve operational performance. Using design thinking, ethnography and advanced operations analysis, Hitachi develops hypotheses and then creates a prototype solution.