Call for abstracts : #Cleantech

Does your company/your technology promote sustainable development and respect for the environment?  

Call for abstracts for the conference program of #Cosmetic360 on October 18 and 19 in Paris is started.  

« Clean Technology »

Designates companies and technologies that promote sustainable development and respect for the environment. These new technologies ensure the competitivity of the companies while bringing an answer to the current challenges in terms of ecology and fight against the global warming: it can thus be about recourse to renewable energies, methods of recycling or more generally of any ecofriendly practice.

 Share your initiatives and best practices in process innovation that help decarbonize the industry along the value chain.  

Apply to communicate on one of the 4 sessions:

  • Cleantech trends : consumer, trends, brands
  • Cleantech packaging : refill, carbon offset, carbon neutral…
  • Industry decarbonation : net zero production, carbon positive
  • Cleantech ingredients : eco regeneration, short supply, upcycling…


Call for Abstracts form:  to download

Deadline for submission: May 31, 2023

Language of application and conference: English