Cosmetic 360 Awards, news from our laureates


Eurovetrocap, winner of the 2017 Cosmetic 360 awards, comeback for the 2018 edition to present us a new innovation


 A truly "Green" cosmetic glass.


The possibility of producing plastic articles of organic origin, from industrial processing leftovers, or post-consumer, is now a reality with an ever-growing number of customers interested in this kind of packaging.
We regularly stock HDPE derived from organic, post-consumer and post-industrial materials, in order that we can offer to produce bottles and accessories with such characteristics.
We have introduced a standard line of bottles, the Alex, made from amber PET, 100% post-consumer recycled.
We keep them in storage so that we can offer them from one box per article. We have presented Baby Touch, a soft touch with a feel of recycled polyethylene.


The challenge we have been working on for some time, and that which intrigues us the most, is the manufacture of articles from recycled glass to keep as standard stock, so that all those wishing to use it may do so.
Production will be carried out in Italy by our partner Zignago Vetro. The glassworks has dedicated very considerable resources to the search for and manufacture of this type of glass, already used in the food sector.
The idea with which the glassworks started off, and immediately embraced by us, is the use of recycled glass as we know it: bottles of wine and olive oil, therefore a type of glass green in color.
In the absence of a supply chain able to collect and recycle only transparent glass, selecting scrap glass, with the aim of making the glass transparent again, would involve substantial resources and would have a considerable impact on the environment and on the cost of the product.


Here are the main characteristics of "Green" glass:

  • Percentage of recycled glass used in production: up to 90%, of which 75% is post consumer.
  • 99% shielding from UV radiation, at wavelengths of between 350 and 450 nm.
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 36%, compared to the production of the same article in standard transparent glass.


We will be banking on finding customers who, in the cosmetics sector, have the will and the courage to use articles made of green recycled glass. We are convinced that the recycling model is the most ethical and environmentally sustainable, and that the cosmetics world will choose to use "second life" packaging more and more often. We are confident that green is the color par excellence for natural and "Green" products.  We have on our side the high protection of the formula that such a type of glass offers.


We believe in it and...

After a personalized project which envisages the replacement, for a customer of ours, of a bottle made of yellow glass with one made of recycled green glass, and relative accessories in recycled PP, we will shortly be presenting our first standard jar in "Green" glass: LICATA JAR. A 50ml jar combined with a lid made of post-industrial recycled PP. The intention is to extend the range over time, also offering cosmetic bottles with the same type of glass.


The next time you throw a bottle into the glass collection container, think that in the future the same glass could contain one of your creams.


Meet Eurovetrocap, Cosmetic 360 awards winner 2017 "Packaging&Conditioning", among our exhibitors next October 17th&18th.