Cosmetic 360 becomes e-Cosmetic 360

Press release

Chartres, 7 May 2020

Preparations are under way at Cosmetic Valley for two headline events: the e-Cosmetic 360 online fair and the national fragrance and cosmetics industry conference. Both demonstrate the resolve to push forward with industry transformation already in progress and work together to accelerate our adaptation to changes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


e-Cosmetic 360: Cosmetic 360, version 4.0

12 and 13 October 2020 (new dates)


To deftly address likely restrictions on movement in response to the pandemic and widen access to innovation through all the advantages of digital technology, Cosmetic 360, the international trade fair for fragrance and cosmetics industry innovation, has become e-Cosmetic 360

This decision taken far in advance to adopt a new format promises to provide a stable online environment for international attendance, business exchanges, and export assistance. But e-Cosmetic 360 will continue to be what Cosmetic 360 has always been: a panoramic 360° show floor for the industry’s cutting edge; the venue for a singular synergy of innovation, research, and business; a springboard for start-ups; and a major crossroads for project sponsors from around the world with breakthroughs to share.

Exhibitors can offer visitors more immersive, virtual showcase environments through which to discover their trailblazing solutions. AI, webinars, chat sessions, videos, and virtual stand displays (e-totems)—all on a rich and intuitive digital platform—will have the common purpose of promoting interaction between parties around the world.

‘The virtual dimension of the e-Cosmetic 360 trade fair aims to accelerate business and innovation’, explains Franckie Béchereau, the director of the trade fair. ‘And it may succeed to an unprecedented degree. Companies, brands, and innovation hubs need a jump start and are looking to share with and emulate each other. Digital technology is adapted to agile, hyperdynamic pathways, which are key to this 2020 edition.’

Our start-ups and innovators can gain visibility and e-meet the partners that can help them grow. Big companies and brands can plug in through our open innovation service, which can put them into touch with sponsors of innovative projects from around the world.

The e-Cosmetic 360 exhibitor and visitor populations may even be larger and more diverse. ‘We will be further ramping up communication around multidisciplinary innovation bridging the divide between cosmetics, the scientific and environmental fields, and key sectors like agriculture, food processing, health, logistics, and services,’ adds Franckie Béchereau.


National fragrance and cosmetics industry conference

14 and 15 October 2020


This industry conference will bring together French company directors around a shared, strengthened commitment.

‘It is clear that the crisis is speeding up change and will lead to paradigm shifts,’ says Cosmetic Valley CEO Christophe Masson. ‘Through our theme—Back in business, back to growth - we are boldly announcing the accelerated transformation of the cosmetics industrywhile also attracting greater recognition of the value of French industry, centred as it is on caring for people and the environment, and meeting new needs for wellness and security.’


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