Cosmetic 360 opens the window for applications to the Open Innovation service

Press release,

Chartres, 27 May


e-COSMETIC 360, the international trade show for innovation in the perfumery and cosmetics industry, will take place virtually on 12-13 October. The window for applications to the e-Open Innovation platform is now open.

e-Open Innovation, a service dedicated to innovative project leaders from all sectors.


Every year, Cosmetic 360 brings together start-ups, SMEs, and large companies in the cosmetics industry to discuss the innovations of tomorrow. The Open Innovation service aims to pave the way for those meetings so that all innovative projects can benefit from a discussion with business experts. This singular event gives those in the industry the chance to make new contacts and bring possible collaborations to fruition. In this way, each of the parties involved can put their innovation to the test and understand the mutual needs of the cosmetics leader and the project initiator. The aim of the scheme is to add fuel to the fire of innovation within a win-win relationship. For this 2020 edition, l'Oréal and LVMH Research have already confirmed that they will be attending.

“It is important to point out that the Open Innovation service is designed so that there are no barriers to entry. Whether the project is still at the idea stage or the company is already developed, all applications are welcome and may arouse the interest of the large companies taking part in the event.” - Franckie Béchereau, director of the trade show.

The cosmetics industry has many challenges to meet: traceability, naturality, raw material sourcing, continuous improvement of services and products, understanding consumer needs, social and environmental responsibility, and more. The projects that can help them rise to those challenges come from all sorts of backgrounds, from the four corners of the globe, and from a wide range of fields.

 Since 2015, more than 1,200 projects from 35 countries and 500 meetings have been organised!

A three-step process


From 20 May to 31 July: free online submission of applications

Register on the Open Innovation platform by clicking HERE.

September: organisation of meetings

Large companies select innovative projects and contact the applicants to organise meetings on the platform.

12 and 13 October: organisation on e-Cosmetic 360

The selected applicants will have 30 minutes to present their project to large companies in a private virtual room.

About Cosmetic 360:


A real hub for exchanges and discovery, Cosmetic 360 is the place to discover the latest innovations that will shape the future of beauty and trends for the perfumery-cosmetics industry. Cosmetic 360 stands out for its original concept, bringing together decision-makers and influential people in the industry around the theme of innovation: raw materials, formulation, packaging, testing and analysis, finished products, logistics, distribution, etc.  All forms of innovation are on the table: processes, marketing, technology, products, services, etc.


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