Over 100 innovations presented

In order to represent the cosmetics sector and its many players as widely as possible, the show presented more than one hundred innovations representing the following four universes:


Product innovations - universe relating to innovations directly linked to the final product: packaging, formulation, finished products, brands, bio-based, biodegradable, recyclable, eco-design, solid cosmetics, waterless, clean beauty, sensory innovations, microemulsions, innovative formulations, vectorization, ...

Raw Materials Innovations - universe relating to innovative approaches in the promotion and marketing of ingredients presented this year, "cosmegreen", new approaches to the microbiome, biobased ingredients, biotechnologies, biomimicry, upcycling, natural antimicrobials, microbiome booster, biocompatibility, etc.

Innovations Services - universe relating to cosmetic ecosystem services: ex-vivo tests, studies of mechanisms, global objectification, eco-design, imaging, in silico measurements, sensory studies, selection support tools, co-platform creation, traceability, logistics, ...

Tech Innovations - universe relating to new technologies, AI*, integrated into cosmetics and their use: AI, digital diagnostics, virtual reality, digitalization of processes, connected objects, 3D printing, data management, IoT.

AI *: Artificial Intelligence

This range of innovations of all kinds revealed the richness and diversity of new products, inventions and the most current research in the sector around the world.


Within this panel, three major trends are undeniably emerging:

  • Green Beauty, eco-conscience: Faced with more eco-conscious consumers and in search of transparency on the origin of ingredients and formulas, the players in the sector are moving towards innovations that minimize their environmental footprint and meet the challenges of the planet.
  • Beauty tech, connected consciousness: Driven by Asian players in particular, Beauty Tech is taking a new turn with ever more "intelligent" products and technological innovations to meet new needs in terms of hygiene.
  • Test performance, Deep awareness: The stress of the pandemic situation and wearing a mask have strong consequences on the skin and the radiance of the complexion. Manufacturers working on the development of ingredients or finished products, strongly oriented by this context, therefore need more efficient biological tests to determine their effectiveness.

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The e-Cosmetic 360 team.