Taiwan Beauty Industry cluster and the startup DFON Biomedical Technology signed up for next Cosmetic 360

ITRI's first beauty care products startup, on March the 7th, officially marked its inauguration and unveiled a new generation of products, demonstrating how innovative technology can be applied in the development of cosmetics and skin care products.


DFON was founded on the basis of technology transferred from ITRI, with the key ingredient MMpH+ originally used in encapsulating cancer drugs. When researchers tested MMpH+ on the skin, they discovered its benefits in protecting the skin's collagen and serving as a moisturizer, thereby preventing wrinkles. The company thus launched the fourth generation anti-aging formula Enzyme Secret AP-I, which provides comprehensive skin protection and regeneration from the effects of aging, environmental factors, and sun damage.

During trial operation, it sold over 1,000 units of its products. The supermodel, Jeanine (Chin Hsi), Paris-based, is a fan of its Anti-Aging Serum. She tested her skin with an ultrasonic machine before using the product and saw considerable changes after two to three weeks of daily application. The serum helped retain collagen, making her skin full of luster. With its R&D expertise, DFON was selected to enter the Paris&Co business acceleration program. This September DFON's products are expected to hit the shelves of France's pharmacy channel.

Over the past two years, DFON has exhibited its product at the annual Cosmetic 360 innovations and solutions exhibition in France. In the future, the company will continue to build on this momentum and tap into resources from Paris&Co to make France its hub from which to branch out into the rest of the world.

Enzyme Secret line of products at: https://www.facebook.com/enzymesecret/

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