The main theme of e-Cosmetic 360: innovating mindfully

“Innovating Mindfully” was the theme of the 2020 edition of e-Cosmetic 360.


What does it mean to innovate mindfully?

Innovating mindfully means, first and foremost, remaining open and receptive to what is happening both inside and outside our sector of the economy.

For our industry and those who keep it going, innovating mindfully consists of making ourselves open to changing times (external constraints and emergencies, new paradigms, new uses). That means delving into what is happening in other economic sectors to seek out new business opportunities. Ones that line up better with the expectations of today’s society (personalisation, naturalness, well-being, etc.). It also means bolstering our capacity for innovation and adjusting our research priorities to meet those expectations.


The COVID-19 pandemic has added all the more resonance to the concept of “innovating mindfully”. It has made us more quickly become aware of faint signals. It forces us to take into account the changes that are happening around us. It is having real and lasting effects on consumers’ expectations, uses, and habits.

It requires players in the cosmetics industry, upstream and downstream, to hasten the generation of new visions and new tools for innovation, both modern and responsible, universal and affordable.


Since its launch, Cosmetic 360 has placed great emphasis on encouraging the sharing of best practices between sectors, and in that way providing everyone with food for thought. As part of that, four respected speakers from different spheres discussed their vision of innovating mindfully with our visitors.  


This conference cycle has been led by Leila Rochet, founder of the agency Cosmetics Inspiration & Creation, partner of the event.


  • Business as unusual, what progress lies ahead? Putting innovation at the heart of tomorrow’s society.

Christophe Lienard - Central Innovation Director of the BOUYGUES Group

Meeting our daily needs through ethical and humane behaviour advances society as a whole. 

What mechanisms can a major corporation employ to strive to improve people’s day-to-day lives? 

In this period of discontinuity, how can such a company develop solutions to help its employees successfully bring human progress into daily life.


  • Biomimicry, innovation inspired by Nature

Speaker: Kalina Raskin, Director of the Centre for Studies and Expertise in Biomimicry

Biomimicry is an interface between sustainability and biodiversity, a nexus of frugal energy consumption, performance management, and quality management methods, and a source of sustainable innovation. Kalina Raskin spoke to us about her experience of living things and her thoughts on their ties to innovation.


  • How can companies help humanity find its place in the technological world?

Speaker: Olivier Barbeau, Chairman and founder of the Institut Sapiens

Every day, science unveils incredible discoveries. In the future, people suffering from blindness will regain their sight, the deaf will hear, and once paralysed patients will run faster than Usain Bolt. Our era of history is both frightening and wonderful. Being human was once an incontrovertible fact and a constraint. In the future, being human will be a choice. The challenge of this century is to reinvent humanity’s place in the world. Well-intentioned companies will face the challenge of becoming trusted partners in this new way of living.


  • Eco-design and positive impact: new brand commitments

Speaker: Pascale Brousse, founder of Trend Sourcing, a consulting firm

Brands and companies are closely scrutinised by consumers in search of absolute transparency. One of today’s major trends is the “green lifestyle”.

How can this contribute to our drive to innovate in the beauty and healthcare industries? Through a panoply of examples (companies, products, retail, etc.), we have seen how brands are positioning themselves to innovate in an environmentally responsible way.