They participated in Cosmetic 360

Alpha Chitin 

ALPHA CHITIN is the first and only producer in the world to manufacture a material from bioproduction or from a chemically extracted and refined plant. They are a chemical company that produces and controls its own biomass. Mainly intended for the health, cosmetics and agrochemical markets, their solutions will be available in the future for consumer solutions. 

Their testimony

"This was our first participation to Cosmetic 360, in the start-up zone where start-ups incubated at the Beauty Hub were presenting their solutions.
Cosmetic 360 gave a tremendous exposure to our chitosan based solutions to help bring naturality to cosmetics offerings.
Cosmetics Valley really knows the ecosystem of the cosmetics industry and brings added value with Cosmetic 360 by having the right fit between solutions providers and customers really interested in these solutions.
We have had more leads in 2 days than with all contacts established within 6 months before, all of them extremely valuable.
Highly recommended."  
Jerome DELAY - CEO Alpha Chitin