Business sector: Services
Country: France
Stand: DC68

Supply Chain Traceability & Transparency Platform
Tilkal is the supply chain traceability and trust platform for Industry 4.0. Tilkal combines a unique B2B blockchain network for secure and provable data sharing, with analytics and scoring algorithms to create an end-to-end, real-time representation of the supply chain.

Our customers use Tilkal to answer four key questions: Where are their products? What is their sourcing risk? How do they prove their ESG commitments? How to verify and demonstrate their compliance?

Among them are Danone for the traceability of infant milk in China and the sourcing of plant-based milks in Europe, Daher for the traceability of conflict minerals as well as for customs compliance on raw material imports, Joone for radical transparency on more than 200 cosmetics and hygiene products, and the NGO Responsible Mica Initiative for the analysis of the mica sourcing flows of 80 manufacturers in order to fight against child labor. In total, the Tilkal network is composed of more than 70 independent nodes, and nearly 700 companies use it to share data.