AI, Blockchain, RFID, Additive Manufacturing, Contactless Displays: come and discover everything Deep Tech can do for you, from the creation to the distribution of your products, via manufacturing and marketing!

The Île-de-France region & Systematic-Paris-Region, Europe's Deep Tech competitiveness cluster, is offering an innovation trail dedicated to the cosmetics industry at Cosmetic 360: the Essence of Deep Tech.

5 SME members of Systematic, representing a real concentrate of new digital technologies, present their striking solutions that make a difference in many industrial and business processes:


EMBODME:Discover without touching 

SuperIRIS is revolutionizing the interactive display industry by merging gesture detection and display with an intelligent pixel enabling contactless interaction. Embodme’s proprietary technology - Infra Red Intelligent Surface™ (IRIS) - enables interaction with near-field touchless displays up to 30cm from the screen.

Resulting from PhD and post-doc work by Edgar Hemery (CEO) at the robotics center of the Mines of Paris, it took nearly 5 years of additional R&D to design this unique sensor as well as the algorithms that allow to extract the data. 

Embodme now targets the retail, luxury, hospitality, transportation and tourism sector with this interactive kiosk.  

Beyond the interactive display market, Embodme’s vision is to extend this technology to all touch screens. 

15 years after the touchscreen revolution, Embodme aims to become a leader in 3D interaction technology. 

Our proprietary technologies can revolutionize interaction by making screens more intuitive, accessible and hygienic. 

Convinced that this is the logical evolution of interaction with screens, Embodme is currently raising €5 million to get a head start in the interactive display market. 


MIHALY,Emotion: the industrial revolution of product appearance 

Mihaly revolutionizes industrial 3D additive production with its innovative technology: 3D Surface. Creating aesthetic and sustainable products, it reduces industrialization time by 90%. Adapted to seasonality and hypercustomization, our solutions eliminate storage and balances. 

Our strength lies in the fusion of design and industrialization. The Marketing and Designers teams collaborate from the conceptualization, allowing a direct manufacture of the designed product. For example, in the cosmetics industry, we go from designing to producing backgrounds for make-up cases in a week, instead of 10 months. 

Mihaly shapes the future of manufacturing by combining creativity, cutting-edge technology and operational efficiency to deliver unmatched results. 

AXEM:Traceability solutions for your industry 4.0 

Manufacturer and expert in RFID (radio frequency identification), AXEM Technology provides innovative and sustainable RFID traceability solutions to support organizations in their digital transformation. 

Its material traceability solutions address the most demanding industrial sectors: laundry, construction, defence, energy, rail, logistics, etc. Its solutions can be adapted in other fields such as cosmetics for example. 

In addition to a wide range of standard RFID solutions – identifiers and readers – AXEM Technology designs and manufactures tailor-made products to optimize the performance and quality of its customers' processes and industrial operations.  

On the Région Île-de-France/ Systematic stand at Cosmetic 360, AXEM Technology will present its RFID hardware offer: tags, tags, mobile terminals and readers, readers and industrial antennas and OEM. 

SCORTEX: Automate your visual quality control and collect data

Scortex was created in 2016, to automate, transform and make more efficient visual inspections in production, a largely manual task. Today, Scortex has an experienced team of 30 experts who bring together skills in computer vision, machine learning, software and data engineering, for the industrial and manufacturing sectors. 

Scortex is dedicated to improving manufacturing quality through its deep learning platform: Spark. Spark is a complete solution for digitizing quality control that offers intelligent automation of visual inspections and real-time analysis of production quality. Our goal: improve visibility, traceability and control of your production. 

Since May 2022, Scortex has been part of Trigo Groupe, a leader in operational quality management.  Trigo Group’s services include the inspection of production lines, the implementation of technological solutions based on artificial intelligence, virtual reality and data, as well as auditing, consulting, engineering and training. 

MCLedger AffreterVert: new green logistics solution for the express transport of small parcels in rural and peri-urban areas

AffréterVert is a service using the empty capacities of regional trains, trams or passenger buses to transport «light» freight primarily to rural or urban areas - developed by MCLedger a start-upup innovative in digital and carbon-free transport. AffréterVert is: 

  • Capacity purchase service in passenger transport and resale to logistics operators
  • Access to a turnkey digital platform, easy to use and requiring no special skills
  • Pooling capacity
  • Complete package delivered: booking, traceability & invoicing
  • High quality of service and improved transport traceability
  • «Express» service and More frequency thanks to the use of «passenger» lines
  • Green label service «Greentech» 


 Systematic-Paris-Region brings together and coordinates a community of almost 900 members, including over 550 start-ups, SMEs and ETIs, 140 major groups, 160 R&D and research organizations, a college of investors and a college of institutional partners and local authorities.

The Île-de-France region is active in most areas that affect the lives of its 12 million residents (Franciliens): transport, high schools, apprenticeships, the environment and economic development. As Europe's leading region, it contributes almost 30% of the national GDP and is home to over 1.3 million businesses of all sizes. In 2022, the Region voted for its new regional economic development, innovation and internationalization plan. This new strategy, known as IMPACT 2028, aims to strengthen the support provided to companies in the Paris Region, and to pursue its collective dynamic in order to meet the major challenges of our time.