A reinforced CSR commitment

COSMETIC 360, the 1st Trade Show for the cosmetics and fragrance industry committed to CSR approach



In recent years, Cosmetic 360 has accelerated its efforts to reduce its environmental impact.


  • Reused renewable stands, made by french providers committed to sustainability, featuring 100% recyclable : honeycomb cardboard, bio-sourced wood and bio-based paints.
  • Significant waste reduction by recycling, offering an eco-conscious food service buffet, using cardboard badges and no carpeting.
  • In keeping with its people-centered focus, Cosmetic 360 offers a series of conferences on Artificial Intelligence and applied to improve the environmental impact of our industrial sector, and has an attentive team ready to serve you.
  • Information on CSR initiatives for exhibitors and visitors.


Did you know ?


Our network of service providers is located in France

  • General installation and stand design (Bretagne)
  • Assembler and fitters (Ile de France)
  • Manufacturer of honeycomb cardboard (AURA)
  • Distributor of joinery panels (Bretagne)
  • Manufacturer of biosourced paints (Bretagne)
  • Fireproofing of honeycomb cardboard partitions (Pays de la Loire)
  • LED lighting distributor (Ile de France)
  • Totem signage (Ile de France)


Which 100% recyclable materials at the Cosmetic 360 show?


  • Wooden frame: all poplar plywood panels made in France. The 100% poplar is harvested from sustainably managed forests, the poplar plywood preserves the ecological balance (Origin of the wood: France and Spain).
  • Partitions: cardboard honeycomb structure, recyclable. Very rigid product, 100% recyclable and biodegradable, made of 100% paper and assembled with an aqueous PVA glue.
  • Paints: the paints in the Algo® range, for which seaweed is the raw material, are made from up to 95% bio-based components.
  • Fireproofing of partitions: use of the Hydroflam® C10 process, which is non-toxic, odourless and safe to use.
  • Lighting: The lighting equipment consists exclusively of energy-saving LED bulbs. At the end of their life, it is also easier to recycle the components of these bulbs.
  • Exhibitor signage: Printing of the exhibitor signs on a 100% recyclable cardboard support thanks to the use of solvent-free inks.
  • Totems: Lightboxes integrated into a wooden frame. Printing of the content of the totems on a 100% recyclable diffusing canvas, integrated into lightboxes that can be reused over several years.
  • Visuals for the back of the stand

          - Visuals are printed on cardboard with water-based inks, without solvents.

          - The canvas can be recycled by the provider or recovered by the exhibitor

           - The visuals are fastened on natural pine boards

            - The frame is recovered by the provider for other uses