Conference sessions: “Innovating mindfully”

In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has forced us to adapt and rethink certain models, mindful innovation seems more necessary than ever.

But what does that really mean?

Renowned speakers will be in attendance to discuss the positive impact of today’s choices on tomorrow’s world, with a focus on societal, environmental, economic and organizational issues.

Conferences hosted by Leïla Rochet, from the Cosmetics Inspiration and Creation agency, partner of the event.

Leïla Rochet, will open the session on the theme of Mindful Innovation. It will identify the major changes in our contemporary society, new consumer expectations in terms of innovation and examples to follow.


Speakers include:

Christophe Lienard from Bouygues Innovation who will speak about "Being at the heart of the challenges of climate change, digital, technological etc.".

Kalina RASKIN from CEEBIOS who will speak about "Biomimicry: How are living things a source of sustainable innovation?"

Pascale Brousse from the agency Trend Sourcing who will speak about major trends around the "green lifestyle" and how they can contribute to our approach to innovation in beauty and health".


and Olivier Babeau from Institut Sapiens who will present his vision of "How business can help people find their place in the emerging technological world".