Cosmetic 360 Awards


Cosmetic 360 Awards 2016 rewards the best innovations of the tradeshow within the expert routes identified :

  • Consumer experience
    • Key words: Connected beauty, sensor, smart data, i.O.T., wearable, digital beauty, aesthetic device, perfume, skin care, makeup …


  • Raw Materials
    • Key words: Green Chemistry, Extraction, Plant extract, Active ingredient, Antimicrobial, biotechnology, delivery system


  • Formulation & Manufacturing
    • Key words: Mask, texture, sensory experience, galena, formula, powder, fragrance, cream, color …


  • Packaging & Conditioning
    • Key words: Label, Digital printing, 3D printing, eco-friendly, soft touch, dispensing system, bacterial protection, decoration, OEM …


  • Testing & Analysis
    • Key words: Characterization, container/contenant transfer, sensory/emotion analysis, consumer testing, imaging, microbiology, efficacy testing, microbiota analysis, genetic analysis, screening, skin/hair analysis …


  • Support function
    • Key words: Services, software, business park, marketing, datamining, regulation, full service, logistic, platform …



  • Innovativeness:
    • Added value for the perfumery and cosmetic sector
    • Relevance of the innovation for the market
    • Benefits for the consumer


  • Marketing qualities
    • Choice of the title, key words, subtitle and the key visual
    • Clearness of the description



Cosmetic 360 Awards relies on a prestigious jury consisting of the professional press.



Each prize-winner will receive a trophy and can benefit from a visibilty on the edition 2018 of the trade show, and will be associated to all the Cosmetic 360 press-communiqué.

The ceremony of prize-giving will take place on Wednesday 18th october, from 6.00 pm in the conference room.


2016 winners

  • Raw Materials category :

SYTHEON for Synoxyl project


  • Formulation & Manufacturing category :

OMNICOS for Chalky Eyeshadow project


  • Packaging & Conditionning catégory :

KARZA for Helium project


  • Testing & Analysis category:

NOVITOM for Ultimate analysis of Cosmetics project


  • Consumer Experience category :

PICXEL for Face2Market project

Nouvelle solution pour mieux connaitre et comprendre les consommateurs en analysant leurs émotions face à des stimuli.


  • Support function for cosmetic industry category :

COSMETOLAB for Cosmetolab project