Cosmetic 360 Awards


The Cosmetic 360 Awards recognize the exhibitor's best innovations within each expert-route category:

  • Formulation, OEM & Laboratory equipment
  • Packaging & Manufacturing equipment
  • Raw Materials
  • Retail & Brands
  • Support functions for cosmetic industry
  • Testing & Analysis

 Winners of each expert-route category will be selected on the basis of the innovation totem display exhibited on the booth.



  • Innovation potential:
    • Added value for the fragrance and cosmetics industry
    • Relevance of the innovation for the market
    • Benefits for consumers


  • Marketing qualities
    • Choice of the title, subtitle, keywords, key visual
    • Clarity of the description



The Cosmetic 360 Awards relies on a prestigious jury consisting of members of the professional press.




  • Raw Materials

Gelyma KIMARINE® HC offers a study on both: 1/ Behavior of outer-root sheath cells (stem cells known to control hair growth) under UVR and benzopyrene by studying the expression of survivin 2/ Morphology of hair cuticle under UVA and city pollutants


  • O.E.M., Formulation & Laboratory equipment

ProcoluideIt is the first time that a Cosmetic Maker gives to brands the possibility to realize their launch in close relationship with their targeted consumers.


  • Packaging & Manufacturing equipment

GD Laser : Innovative Parametric Design solution, created by the GD LASER research and development department to program laser and digital printer machines on an industrial scale. GD Laser makes possible the UNIQUE* within a series.


  • Testing & Analysis

OxiProteomicsUntil now nail protein protection was not a read-out of choice for nail care efficacy due to the absence of sensible/reliable tools. By coupling proteomics approaches to innovative models we provide accessible scientific data ready for communication


  •  Retail & Brands

VesCir LtdEquipped with our IP technologies, ICI skin analyzer is the first portable device that can detect pigmentation and oxygen levels of your skin deep into the dermal layers. Based on the historical data, our AI engine can predict how your skin changes.


  • Support functions for cosmetic industry

Christeyns Diversity of products formulas allowing to solve ,alone or in combination, the majority of cases where an optimal cleaning result is not reached