Cosmetic 360 Awards


Cosmetic 360 Awards rewards the best innovations of the tradeshow within the expert routes identified :

  • Raw Materials
    • Key words: Green Chemistry, Extraction, Plant extract, Active ingredient, Antimicrobial, biotechnology, delivery system


  • Formulation & Manufacturing
    • Key words: Mask, texture, sensory experience, galena, formula, powder, fragrance, cream, color …


  • Packaging & Conditioning
    • Key words: Label, Digital printing, 3D printing, eco-friendly, soft touch, dispensing system, bacterial protection, decoration, OEM …


  • Testing & Analysis
    • Key words: Characterization, container/contenant transfer, sensory/emotion analysis, consumer testing, imaging, microbiology, efficacy testing, microbiota analysis, genetic analysis, screening, skin/hair analysis …


  • Support function
    • Key words: Services, software, business park, marketing, datamining, regulation, full service, logistic, platform …



  • Innovativeness:
    • Added value for the perfumery and cosmetic sector
    • Relevance of the innovation for the market
    • Benefits for the consumer


  • Marketing qualities
    • Choice of the title, key words, subtitle and the key visual
    • Clearness of the description



Cosmetic 360 Awards relies on a prestigious jury consisting of the professional press.



Each prize-winner will receive a trophy and can benefit from a visibilty on the edition 2018 of the trade show, and will be associated to all the Cosmetic 360 press-communiqué.

The ceremony of prize-giving will take place on Wednesday 18th october, from 6.00 pm in the conference room.



 In order to read the regulation download it.


2017 winners


  • Category Raw Materials


How does pH12 ionized water become a more effective cosmetic product? 100% safe, non-chemical, non-toxic 100% pure: no need for preservatives, surfactants or emulsifiers. 100% effective in terms of: Skin cleansing, Anti-bacterial effect, Rebalancing cellular pH. 100% innovative


  • Formulation & Manufacturing category


High pressure process. Custom formulation, without aggressive surfactant for the skin. Vectorization of lipophilic or hydrophilic active. Biomimetic: creates a hydrolipidic film. Bioavailable: vectorization of assets. Mastery of penetration for more security.


  • Packaging & Conditionning category


INFINI-PACK: produced with 90% recycled bottles, 75% post-consumer waste and post industrial use in PP, HDPE and glass, a 36.5% reduction in tonnes of CO2 per tonne of manufactured containers.


  • Category Testing & Analysis


Odor identification in 30 seconds. A technology closer to the human olfactory experience. Reference odors database tailored to the needs of each client. Portable and lightweight device that can easily be moved. For quality control and acceleration of R & D.


  • Category Support function for cosmetic industry


Easily create, manage and edit your Product Information Folders. Sub-process the Security Assessment of your DIP in 1 click. Toxicological database of more than 3500 ingredients. Automated cosmetic regulatory watch. Secure your data. Save on your outsourcing.