Cosmetic 360 Awards



This competition, open to all exhibitors, recognize the exhibitor's best innovations.


Discover 2022 winners !

 Raw Materials - Sponsor Biotech Santé Bretagne

A growth factor miniprotein with vast potential for skin renewal, tissue regeneration and wound healing.


OEM, ODM & Formulation - Fabricants à façon & Formulations 

An innovative patented ultra-sound technology to produce emulsions without emulsifiers or surfactants.


Testing & Analysis - Sponsor Orion Concept

A method to prove the soothing effect of cosmetic products through a reinnervated skin model.



A new zero waste proposition: a water-soluble packaging that disappears within 5 seconds without polluting residue. 


Brands & Retail - Sponsor BW Confidential

The most compact device to dispense any cosmetic product without contact, from perfume to rich moisturizer.


Services for cosmetics industry - Sponsor Taiwan Beauty Valley

A solution that allows brands to manage Inviolable digital passports for each product to reveal its history, reliability, and brand commitments.


Coup de coeur - Intelligence Artificielle " Sponsor Paris Region

The premier AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform, helping you anticipate the next big consumer trend.



The winners in each category will be judged and elected on the basis of their "innovation totem" (illuminated sign located at the edge of the stand), describing the innovation presented at the show. 



Innovations will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation potential:
    • Added value for the fragrance and cosmetics industry
    • Relevance of the innovation for the market
    • Benefits for consumers
  • Marketing qualities:
    • Choice of the title, subtitle, keywords, key visual
    • Clarity of the description




The Cosmetic 360 Awards relies on a prestigious jury consisting of members of the professional press:

    • 01.Net 
    • Beauty Tech Japan 
    • BW Confidential 
    • Cosmétique Mag 
    • Cosmetic Obs 
    • Emballage Digest 
    • Emballage Magazine 
    • Expression Cosmétique 
    • Formule Verte 
    • Industrie Cosmétique 
    • Maddyness 
    • MFF Fashion 
    • Premium&Luxe 
    • Premium Beauty News… 



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