Cosmetic 360 Factory



As a real industry exhibition, Cosmetic 360 will this year focus on innovative machines and equipment for the industry's factories.


Come and discover this demonstration area located in the heart of the COSMETIC 360 show, renamed COSMETIC 360 FACTORY for the occasion.


Our exhibitors for the edition 2021:

  • Kamax Innovative system: a new test device for analysing collagen fibres by quantifying biological changes through polarisation imaging technology.
  • Oxy pharm: efficient and environmentally friendly machines to fight against all infections in the cosmetic industry.
  • HNP Mikrosysteme: suitable pump systems for fast, reliable and accurate dosing of liquids with a wide viscosity range.
  • Seprosys: mobile unit for the production of active ingredients via innovative, green and optimised extraction and purification solutions.
  • Microfactory: "U-skin" is an instrument that reproduces the properties of human skin to evaluate the behaviour and kinetics of cosmetic products.
  • Rheonova: "EasyRheo" is an accurate and fast rheometer for ready-to-use results.
  • ...


Seprosys is the winner of the cosmetic 360 Awards for the category industry's factories.