Glass packaging : sustainable luxury innovations

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, the Glass Valley, a world centre for luxury bottles, will exhibit its know-how of excellence at the Cosmetic 360 exhibition.

With 70 companies gathered in the same area - located in France on the border of Normandy and Hauts-de-France - this grouping gathers know-how that allows it to propose a global offer, from design to packaging.

In line with the new requirements of the sector to reduce the impact on the environment, glass is the best material for high perfumery and cosmetic products. Infinitely recyclable, recognised for its neutrality, and able to benefit from multiple decoration techniques, glass now benefits from increasingly energy-efficient manufacturing techniques.

It is thus this packaging of future that Glass Valley proposes to you to come to discover for the luxurious development " Made in France " of your products.



Five companies representing these core businesses will be present to present the entire process:

  • The specialists in luxury glass bottles "Verescence" and "Pochet du Courval",
  • The decorators "Piochel", "Val Laquage" and "Inserdeco
  • Mock-ups and high-finish prototypes from "MMB VOLUM-e 3D Complex Production
  • The mould makers, designer and manufacturer "Somobresle".