Greentech Immersion





Discover Greentech's captivating visual experience at Cosmetic 360!


For the 2023 edition, Greentech is back with an innovative proposal that is sure to fascinate visitors. On their stand, you'll have the chance to plunge into the heart of their story thanks to a breathtaking new visual experience. Imagine a superb, angled LED screen of several meters long that plays with depths and deceives your eyes.

Using cutting-edge 3D animation technology and thoughtful stand dressing, the brand creates a remarkable illusion that gives the impression that the animation is literally coming out of the screens and into the surrounding space.


To achieve this innovative solution, Greentech collaborated with Createen, an agency specializing in health and cosmetics marketing.


This combination of talents made it possible to design a unique, immersive technology that is sure to capture visitors' attention. This animation, carefully positioned high up in the visitors' passageway, is a real asset for trade shows. You'll be transported into the world of the brand in a way never seen before, offering you an unforgettable experience.

Don't miss this breathtaking visual experience at Cosmetic 360. Immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Greentech and marvel at this revolutionary technology.

Join us at Cosmetic 360 for this unique experience and meet the most innovative players in the cosmetics industry. Come and discover the latest trends, revolutionary technologies and innovative products that are shaping the future of our sector.


Spend an unforgettable time at Cosmetic 360 and leave with inspiring ideas for your business. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand and sharing this exceptional experience with you. We look forward to seeing you soon!