Hackathon Maker

The 3D technology brings creative ideas to life,showing the prototype of an object before it even exists.


If the packaging world has undergone a shift with environmental concerns—eco-design, packaging reduction, material recycling, product safety—today, the real change is with the rise of 3D. The 2018 hackathon organized during the Cosmetic 360 trade fair will illustrate the challenges of 3D technology in the world of Beauty.


3 days to create a new sustainable product experience with 3D printing

Inspired by nature, designed by humans

The 2018 hackathon will be organized with the support of the LVMH group and its Maisons:
Parfums Christian Dior, Guerlain, Kenzo Parfums, Sephora




The 3D Challenge hackathon presents students with a new task

Launched in 2017 as an innovative concept by the trade show organizers, the first COSMETIC 360 hackathon was a hit! In line with the «C360 spirit», this 100% student hackathon aims to stimulate innovation by decompartmentalizing disciplines, bringing together the different players in the sector and facilitating promising cooperations.




Coaching from LVMH Maisons

After the first hackathon on the theme “Reveal your perception”, this year the experiment is going even further with a challenge that takes on 3D printing technology. The event presents students from prestigious schools a new challenge: go beyond the basic draft and bring the project to life by creating a prototype during the event.

The LVMH group will once again provide active support with the help of its Maisons, whose teams will be guiding and coaching students over the three days event.


CATIA, 3D-design software by Dassault Systèmes

Dassault Systèmes, a software publisher specializing in 3D design, will generously be making the design software CATIA (an acronym for Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) available to students. R&D specialists will also be there to offer their expertise during the trade fair.


I3DP, rapid prototyping

The projects will then take shape using a high-resolution printer provided by ID3P, a member of COSMETIC VALLEY, that performs rapid 3D prototyping. ID3P and SL Diffusion will set up an MJP 2500 of 3D systems printer functionning by stereolithography and guide students through the process to produce their models. Stereolithography applies photopolymerization to transform (opaque or transparent) liquid resin into solid slices of a 3D object, layer by layer. The finished item has an elegant, smooth surface perfectly suited for luxury pieces.




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