Meeting energy and environmental challenges is part of our commitment to working alongside you on industrial, tertiary and logistics projects committed to responsible development. INNOVATION

CENTER by IDEC ENERGY invites you to two days of workshops, presentations and discussions on green energy and decarbonisation with the pool of innovative start-ups supported by the GROUPE IDEC INVEST Innovation investment fund.




IDEC GROUP: A major player in supporting cosmetics players in their energy transitions:

  • IDEC ENERGY: A subsidiary encompassing energy and low-carbon mobility solutions
  • IDEC ENERGY SOLAR: A subsidiary dedicated to solar energy (shade, ground, roof, etc.) 
  • IDEC INVEST INNOVATION: A subsidiary dedicated to investing in innovative start-ups


Start-ups for innovative energy solutions:

  • Windmyroof: The roof Eolian for a low-carbon energy
  • H2Sys: Securing your installations with a hydrogen generator
  • Bulane: Hybridization of gas processes with hydrogen
  • Atawey: Hydrogen charging stations for a low-carbon fleet


Start-ups for low-carbon mobility:

  • Fludis: Last mile river logistics 
  • Towt: International transport by sailing cargo
  • Darwin Drones: Inventory solution for inventory management