Open innovation ?

Open Innovation ?

The principle of Open Innovation is to look for skills outside the company in order to develop innovative products or services. Open Innovation therefore fosters innovation, saves time and limits risks relating to R&D funding.


2017 edition feedback


  • 150 qualified meetings
  • 5 major companies
  • Start up and SMEs from 17 countries


They were present :



To participate in the 2018 edition as a leading companie thank you for contacting Christophe Masson


Who is involved ?

The Open Innovation session is an interface in which major companies in the cosmetics and fragrances sector select innovative project sponsors upon application and offer them interviews.

Open innovation

Leading companies in the cosmetics and fragrances sector:

Research and development departments wishing to benefit from technological sourcing and support innovations within the framework of a win-win collaboration in the interests of its partners.

Project sponsors, start-ups, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises:

Cosmetics and fragrances sector: ingredients, formulation, packaging, tests and analysis, processes, logistics, etc.

Transfer of technology: exposure is the keyword; if your innovation or technology has potential application to the sector, come and showcase it to find out what interest it can attract. Arrange a meeting with experts in the cosmetics and fragrances sector to help advance your project.

Academic Research Laboratories

Why be part of Open Innovation?

A unique opportunity to present your innovations to major companies in the sector.

Open Innovation could expedite your project by means of: a transfer of technology, contribution of additional expertise, support with development or marketing, innovative services, etc.

What innovations are covered ?

Innovation 360Open Innovation covers all types of innovation developed for the cosmetics and fragrances industry or having application to this sector:

  • technological innovations,
  • innovations in services,
  • marketing innovations,
  • etc.

Open innovation plays a part in all stages of development of a project:

  • emergence of an idea,
  • gestation of a concept,
  • development of a product or service,
  • access to the market.

Therefore, whether you are an entrepreneur, manager of an innovative SME or even an R&D director of a major company, the Cosmetic 360 Open Innovation proposal is aimed at you.

It is the starting point for establishing partnerships, the start of a win-win collaboration.

How does it work?

Our Open Innovation proposal aims to create development synergies between major companies in the cosmetics and fragrances sector and innovative SMEs. The way it works is simple and accessible to sponsors of any project relevant to the cosmetics and fragrances industry.


Registration is free of charge for innovative project sponsors wishing to meet leading companies in the sector. All you need to do is complete the on-line registration form and tick the box "I wish to take part in Open Innovation". Payment will only be required if you obtain a meeting with a major player in the cosmetics and fragrances industry (€60 excluding tax per meeting)


  1. FILING INNOVATIONS (April-June 2018)

In the "Open Innovation" section of the Visitor Area, candidates can provide an outline of their project and indicate the type of collaboration sought and level of maturity of the project.


August-September 2018: Leading companies select project sponsors via their private "Open Innovation Pool" area and invite candidates to a meeting at the Cosmetic 360 trade fair.

The project sponsor receives notice of the meeting by email from Cosmetic 360 and has the option of accepting or declining the meeting within 5 days. The project sponsor is free to choose an available slot in the calendar. Payment confirms permanent registration (€60 excluding tax per meeting) and acceptance of the general sales conditions.

  1. THE MEETING AT COSMETIC 360 (17 and 18 October 2018)

From 17 to 18 October 2018 the meetings, lasting 30 minutes, will take place at the Cosmetic 360 trade fair at the time set in advance, in an area offering privacy and confidentiality.

In addition to the meetings, you have the option of visiting the trade fair freely and finding out about exhibitors' innovations or taking part in conferences (registration essential, limited spaces).

For leading companies, this means that meetings are scheduled in a qualitative and efficient manner. Project sponsors are offered the unique opportunity to meet with prospective contacts and to seek to forge partnerships.