GREENTECH, innovation at the crossroad of the worlds

Pioneer in biotechnologies, the GREENTECH International Group is dedicated to the plant, marine and microbial worlds with its 4 companies : GREENTECH (plant world), GREENSEA (marine world), BIOVITIS (microbial world) and MAPRIC (Brazilian biodiversity).

The Group develops and produces, in particular for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, innovative high-tech active ingredients derived from the mechanisms of plants, algae, microalgae and microorganisms.

GREENTECH is a deeply committed, green and ethical company, at the service of beauty and well being.  



A City Within a City

Just two hours from Shanghai, Beautéville is China's beauty mecca to showcase the expertise in cosmetics.

Spread across 10km2 in Huzhou, the site is a premium attraction for local and international businesses of all sizes. 

Unlike traditional industrial zone, Beautéville also offers foreign companies a full range of services to help them enter the local market. 

The Beauty Tech Chartres network, inspired by the French Tech movement, is a network founded by "Beauty Tech" startups, the Chartres metropolitan area and Cosmetic Valley in order to bring young innovative companies together with all stakeholders of the beauty industry.

The objective is to create a network of skills committed to inventing the beauty of tomorrow, helping each other, creating synergies, expanding each and every business and making the gems that make up the French beauty industry shine.