GREENTECH, innovation at the crossroad of the worlds

Pioneer and expert in ethical biotechnologies for 30 years, Greentech, the founding company of the Greentech Group, researches, develops and produces high-tech active ingredients from natural sources from the plant, marine and microbial worlds, with respect for people and the environment.

At the heart of these ingredients, all of nature's performance, enhanced by cutting-edge processes (bioguided extraction, enzymatic bio-purification, fermentation, bioconversion, etc.), whose bioactivity and clinical efficacy are demonstrated by in vitro studies on skin cells, ex vivo on skin explants and in vivo on human volunteers. The active cosmetic ingredients developed by Greentech are based on major scientific expertise (microbiota, psycholobiology/skin-brain axis, exposome, biomimetism) and cover all cosmetic applications for the care, maintenance and protection of the skin, scalp, nails and hair.

Greentech encourages a culture of scientific excellence, through the cross-fertilisation of the multidisciplinary expertise of its researchers and through active collaboration with academic and private research (collaboration with public research laboratories, participation in consortiums, publication of articles in international scientific journals, conferences, organisation by the Greentech Foundation of the Skin Physiology International Meeting). Greentech also cultivates excellence in quality, by complying with the requirements of several standards and certifications required by the international cosmetics market (ISO 26000, ISO 22716, GMP, ECOCERT, For Life & Fair For Life, Ecovadis Gold in 2021…).


At Deret, the spirit of entrepreneurship has been alive and well since 1947. Entrepreneurship to better serve its customers in four areas of excellence: transport, logistics, real estate and the hotel industry. The entrepreneurial spirit at Deret is combined with a sense of innovation to anticipate the needs of its customers. Whether in the transportation of goods, the implementation of logistics solutions, clean urban delivery, the hotel industry or real estate development, Deret is committed to sustainable excellence.


The Beauty Tech Chartres network, inspired by the French Tech movement, is a network founded by "Beauty Tech" startups, the Chartres metropolitan area and Cosmetic Valley in order to bring young innovative companies together with all stakeholders of the beauty industry.

The objective is to create a network of skills committed to inventing the beauty of tomorrow, helping each other, creating synergies, expanding each and every business and making the gems that make up the French beauty industry shine.

Choose Paris Region is a catalyst for business and innovation which supports international companies willing to expand in the Paris Region.

As a non-profit governmental agency, Choose Paris Region works with local public entities to provide free tailor-made services.

Choose Paris Region brings its deep market and industry expertise together with an extensive network to support international companies in building tech partnerships, designing their go to market strategy, and providing guidance to implement their local presence.

Every year, with a team of 80 dedicated professionals across Europe, the US and China, Choose Paris Region supports 1,000+ international companies looking to grow their business in the Paris Region, one of the leading tech and business hubs in the world.


Founded in 2007, EcoMundo is an internationally recognized specialist in the toxicological and eco-toxicological properties of chemical substances and their impact on human health and the environment. EcoMundo offers its solutions to support manufacturers in the market from France and 6 subsidiaries.

The Group operates from two main businesses:
1) 2 SaaS softwares: (i) COSMETIC Factory, a PLM for the cosmetics industry and (ii) the regulatory compliance management platform on the use of chemical substances dedicated to the manufacturing industry ;
2) a wide range of complementary consulting services for its international clients, focused on its knowledge of the impacts of chemical substances (regulations concerning cosmetics, REACH, ROHS, biocides, food supplements...).

EcoMundo's solutions help its customers to anticipate and follow the evolution of regulations on chemical substances used in their products or their manufacturing process and, which impact human health and the environment.

Very intuitive these solutions allow to accelerate the marketing of a product, in compliance with international regulations on all geographical areas.
They also allow to adapt the chemical formulation or manufacturing process of a product in case of regulatory changes.

Founded in 2000, PolymerExpert is a major player in the design and manufacture of specialty polymers. Driven by our passion for innovation and holding 65 patents, we design various technologies including self-healing materials, shape memory or photochromic polymers initially developed for the medical device industry (our core business).

Since 2014, we have focused our research on the development on bio-based polymers combining performance and naturalness. Our formulation laboratory adds value to these polymers in innovative galenics. Since the launch of ExpertGel, a water-soluble thermogelling polymer in 2009, PolymerExpert has been continuously producing smart polymers for the cosmetics industry.  In 2017, PolymerExpert launched EstoGel M and EMC 30, two oil-based rheology modifiers that are over 90% biobased. At the end of 2021, PolymerExpert introduced EstoGel Green a unique 100% biobased, cosmos certified oil rheology modifier to the market.


Biotech Santé Bretagne is a technological innovation center dedicated to developing research and supporting innovation in Brittany.

Coordinator of the cosmetics industry in Brittany, Biotech Santé Bretagne enables the success of structuring and large-scale projects by supporting companies and project leaders through a comprehensive and a unique expertise: consulting, engineering, feasibility study, development strategy, financing, international support.

BW Confidential, based in Paris, is the leading international business-to-business media for the cosmetics and fragrance industry. BW Confidential provides the latest news, analysis and commentary on major issues in the global beauty market. Founded in 2009 by Oonagh Phillips and Nicolas Grob, it is recognized and respected for its serious and original reporting, as well as for its trend predictions and forecasts for the market. Thanks to its network of correspondents in key markets around the world, BW Confidential is unique in the global coverage it brings to beauty executives.

BW Confidential offers a complete information system for industry professionals: daily news, weekly roundups in newsletters and videos, print and digital magazines for in-depth analysis and Beauty World Guides, which cover the beauty market in 30 countries globally.

BW Confidential recently launched the Retail & Tech newsletter, which brings readers an insightful selection of retail and tech news and trends to help them stay on top of e-commerce and digital developments and new and original ways of selling. 

BW Confidential is read by decision-makers in the international beauty industry, including retail buyers, distribution agents, ceos and export and marketing managers at major brands from around the globe.

25 Years of experience for the expertise in dermocosmetology
Consultancy, advice and training for your Innovative Product Evaluation …
Expertise and services for the Skin Imaging and Image Analysis

Developement, sales and support of innovative and validated devices and methods,
Tools and software to study the skin and the efficacy of dermo-cosmetics products ...
Innovative Sytems for the biometrology of the skin and the efficacy of product :
Measurement of the light reflection and transparency of the skin,
Firmness and/or slackening of the skin in 3D,
HeadScan Dynamics/ Head Scan bench for automatic and calibrated photographs acuisitions… Etc

Taiwan Beauty Valley constructs a comprehensive ecosystem for the beauty industry in Taiwan, connecting the diversified energies from the industry, the government, the academia, the research, and the medical fields to make the Beauty Industry become a vital highlight industry in Taiwan, thereby enhancing its visibility on the global market.