Team France Export

Discover the export services of TEAM FRANCE EXPORT


Visit the cosmetic showcase composed of 5 innovative companies surfing on the themes of customization, perfume personalization, online experiential, and social selling.

  • Come and perform your skin diagnosis thanks to Abbi's digital mirror selfie.
  • Meet the founder of Rouge Français and her all-plant lipstick.
  • Take care of your mind and body with the brand Les huilettes and its holistic vision of beauty.
  • Take part in the perfume revolution with MadeByMe and its solid perfume on a make-up palette.
  • Discover social selling with Nidé.co, a pioneering brand in participative cosmetics.

Team France Export is at the disposal of French companies to answer your export needs.


In parallel, watch now the TEAM FRANCE EXPORT webinars, available in replay on the show's digital platform

  • An overview of the cosmetics market in Latin America
  • English-speaking Africa: a largely underestimated cosmetics market
  • China: the leading market for French cosmetics
  • Le Rouge Français "What's next for clean beauty?
  • '"Harnessing the potential of social selling"


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