Tech Corner

The Techcorner of COSMETIC 360 is a flagship animation zone of the show supported by a partnership between : 



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This area allows to highlight a technology, developed by an academic research laboratory, which can find an application towards the cosmetic fragrance industry. 

For the 8th edition, Artificial Intelligence invests the TechCorner at the Cosmetic 360 show.  

Emblematic area of the show, the Techcorner highlights an innovative technology coming from public research and transferable to our fragrance/cosmetics industry.

Come and discover this year a new innovative technology for skin study via the combination of spectropolarimetry and AI.

The ICube laboratories of the University of Strasbourg, and these teams TRIO - Remote Sensing, Radiometry and Optical Imaging and IMAGES - Images, Modeling, Learning, Geometry and Statistics, have developed an innovative device for analyzing the different layers of the skin in 3D, using Artificial Intelligence.

The innovation: The optical technology tool is based on the emission of polarized light beam at different wavelengths. This polarization will allow to penetrate more or less deeply into the layers of the skin. This optical technology combined with artificial intelligence will allow to process the different signals easily, and to dissociate the different layers of skin.
Thus, the analysis of skin vitality and the perception of skin changes will be simplified and faster with this technology.