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In the current world of digitization and robotics, the factory of the future is working to improve productivity and competitiveness. However, the stakes are raised with global competition, the push for modernized production facilities and the soaring demand from consumers who want faster, more flexible production methods.


A real-time demonstration in the Tech Corner of the COSMETIC 360 trade fair

Each year the COSMETIC 360 show highlights cutting-edge scientific work at its Tech Corner, where one of the major research project is presented, supported by COSMETIC VALLEY, to foster a real innovative environment.

The animation technology Green Factory of the Future will be the star of the 2018 Tech Corner.

Brought in by the CNRS and LTeN (Nantes) and GEPEA (Saint-Nazaire) labs specialized in processes and microfluidics for different applications, this technological innovation will strongly impact cosmetic production processes, especially emulsions manufacturing found in creams and cosmetic milk formulas currently on the market.


Non-stop cream production

The Green Factory of the Future process makes it possible to produce continuous, very fine and stable, emulsions using minimum stabilizing molecules. Its technology presents several priorities for innovation:

  • It can produce continuously. Currently, the industry produces in batches, and needs to clean the tanks after each production.
  • It reduces the use of additives to stabilize formulas.
  • It has a lower environmental impact.


Currently developed on a laboratory level, the technology used in the Green Factory of the Future will be a major breakthrough, applied at the industrial scale at cosmetic production sites.




                          Procédé laboratoire d'émulsification en continu


                          Cellule d'émulsification en continu