The Summit of the French fragrance and cosmetics industry

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The Annual Summit of the French fragrance and cosmetics industry


2 events in 48H COSMETO , October 13th and 14th



What is the Annual Summit of the French perfume and cosmetics industry? 


Stimulating a dynamic

On 15 October 2020 in Paris, Cosmetic Valley is launching the Etats Généraux de la filière française parfumerie-cosmétique.

This federating event, which, in an uncertain economic context, brought together the sector's stakeholders (companies, local government partners, representative associations, the French government, the European Commission, research institutes, etc.) to work together to rethink practices, build new models, consolidate "Made in France" and work on breakthrough innovations.

30 measures for a winning and sustainable recovery have emerged from this collaboration. The basis of a collective work to be carried out. Consultez le rapport


Acting for the French industry

Since then, working groups have been formed, agreements have been signed, events have taken place and reflections have matured.

The Summit of the French perfume and cosmetics industry proposes to take stock of the actions carried out each year and to inspire new perspectives for our companies.

This new meeting, organised by Cosmetic Valley and supported by the sector's representatives, is the moment to:

  • EVALUATE the progress of the measures of the General Assembly
  • SHARE the remarkable actions of companies
  • INCREASE the collective dynamics of the sector
  • STRENGTHEN the French industry's know-how on the international stage

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Annual Summit : TPE / academic (less than 20 employees) : 120€

Annual Summit : PME (companies from 20 to 249 employees): 260€

Annual Summit : grande entreprise (companies with more than 250 employees): 490€


Registration process : 

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