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Bringing together global trends and solutions


Cosmetic 360 is a gateway to discovery and an opportunity to exchange ideas. It is the ideal place to uncover the latest innovations and the beauty-oriented services of tomorrow in the fragrance and cosmetics industry.

Cosmetic 360 stands out through its original concept, by bringing together all industry stakeholders on the common theme of innovation—in raw materials, formulation, packaging, testing and analyses, end products, distribution, and more.

 It involves all forms of innovation, including processes, technologies, products and services. 


Cosmetic 360 becomes e-COSMETIC 360 for 2020 edition… 

A 100% digital exhibitor page to present your innovation online



To deftly address likely restrictions on movement in response to the pandemic and widen access to innovation through all the advantages of digital technology, Cosmetic 360, the international trade fair for fragrance and cosmetics industry innovation, has become eCosmetic 360:


  • To keep a forum for meetings open: Renew the link with your existing, prospective, and future clients, whatever the health situation next October.
  • To communicate: Demonstrate your agility and spread the word about your latest innovations.
  • To keep exports going: Stay in touch with your existing and prospective clients abroad, despite travel restrictions.
  • To get back on track: Forge new partnerships based on your innovations and boost your business.
  • To make savings: Reduce your expenses related to physical trade shows, thanks to lower prices and the elimination of related expenses.
  • To keep everyone safe: Moving the trade show to the virtual world ensures your safety, that of your employees, and that of your clients.


But keep hold of its intrinsic values:

an International fair dedicated to Innovations, Research and Business


  • e-Cosmetic 360, a trade show 100% designed for the digital sphere, with an early choice to go virtual.
  • Innovation always at the heart of e-Cosmetic 360: Highlighting your innovation through an e-totem.
  • e-Cosmetic 360 is much more than a standard virtual trade show, it is an effective virtual forum for BtoB meetings, with a design based on Artificial Intelligence to facilitate exchanges with all the national and international players in the perfumery and cosmetics industry.
  • Become an active player in your trade show, and choose who you want to meet: Let our algorithm optimise your time and that of your employees. It will propose recommendations in real time concerning the visitors that most closely match your target criteria, based on your keywords and interests.
  • Thanks to digital, get full access to data: Leading up to and during the event, see the list of attending visitors and send them requests for private meetings. Collect the number of contacts made, and evaluate the quality of those contacts, all in real time. Get real-time data on who is viewing your products, and see which products are stirring up the most interest in your virtual space.
  • Make significant savings on the cost of a physical stand: A less expensive package, but with a guarantee of relevant contacts, and the elimination of auxiliary expenses (accommodation, stand set-up, transport, etc.).
  • Take the floor and present your innovations to visitors: Leading up to the show, release teasers about your innovation and during the event through our interactive webinars.
  • Continue to meet the major players of the industry: possibility of free e-Open Innovation meetings.
  • Get access to forward-looking content: Interactive sessions with experts, Tech-Corner, Start-Up Solutions, and more.
  • Communicate with the industry press through the e-Cosmetic 360 Awards, and a press conference prior to the show.
  • And as always, we will fully mobilise our teams to assist you and make preparations for your show, from registration to the day of the e-show (help with drafting your totem content, regular training webinars to be sure you know how to use the platform, technical director before and during the show, etc.).


Cosmetic 360 will help you to develop new partnerships around innovative projects and concepts. Establish new contacts that enable you to work in synergy and undertake successful projects. 



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