Beautigloo: an innovation for cooler cosmetics

The cosmetic industry is evolving these last few years. The market is still led by huge companies and medium size companies. Though, we see the growing market of niche brands and startups all around the world. Let’s meet Clara Lizier, founder of Beautigloo®, a French startup specialized in a cooler storage device to preserve cosmetic products at home. 


Safety expectations 

Either it concerns food or cosmetics, users are requesting more and more safety in general. This may be ensured by production best practices, but we often forget the last steps of the product life cycle. And it ends at home. Who already tried to put her / his cosmetics in the fridge (especially in summer when it is so hot outside!)  ? Keeping cosmetic products in the bathroom means 25°C and 90% hygrometry conditions. How would the product formulation evolve in such an environment ? Certainly, you want to avoid your favorite creams to get contaminated, even if it already contains preservatives. Secondly, you’ll agree it is better not to mix food and beauty products, for hygiene reasons. Especially if your kids are used to pick and eat anything from it. 


Beauty salon at home 

A second category Beautigloo® enters is the « at-home » trend. For the last 10 years, many brands and several innovations were developed in order to bring the beauty devices or technologies at consumer’s place. This was the case for pulsed light, anti-cellulite, self-tanning, anti-acne, luminotherapy or balneotherapy devices for instance. Connected beauty is completing now the range of beauty personal helpers. 


One word : cooler cosmetics ! 

Beautigloo® develops beauty a refrigerated vanity case  specially designed for cosmetic products. It has been developed with a dermatologist to define the optimal temperature (10°C) for formulation stability and the best storage conditions to preserve beauty products. Thus, Beautigloo® keeps all the characteristics and properties of the products.  The user is therefore able to benefit from them safely during a longer time. First, Beautigloo® is really convenient : it contains separate removable containers, that area adapted to beauty routine. It may be placed in the bathroom or even in the bedroom because it is completely silent. Moreover, it is much more sexy than a fridge and eco-friendly because it doesn’t use any toxic fluids. 


When beauty meets tech 

Electro-beauty growth is confirmed. Appliances represent a growing market, particularly in beauty. It opens a new range of applications and cosmetic product optimization, thanks to many synergies. Besides, connected beauty and UI/UX (user interface / user experience) are improving the use of products and tracking the user’s habits. Data can be easily retrieved to understand and design new user-centric products and services. Beautigloo® adresses Natural lovers and beauty addicts in BtoC. Influencers, bloggers, vloggers and social networks are at the base of communication to reach them. It also offers a new solution to all users concerned by safety and efficacy of the products. BtoB markets such as spas and hotels might be interested by a long-lasting and safe storage of their beauty products.