Crazy Louboutin: the designer who celebrates women

Crazy Louboutin


Louboutin, the magic of Parisian cabaret

Christian Louboutin is the French shoe designer all French women know about! What we surely know less is that he has always loved cabaret. While growing up in Paris, he would discretely get into the famous Folies Bergères during interlude and watch the show on empty seats. This Parisian cabaret is known worldwide for its stage shows performed by female dancers. Louboutin’s passion for shoes started there, for the dancers. He never lost his love for entertainment and was even in 2012 a guest creator at the Crazy Horse, another famous Parisian cabaret.


A Crazy Horse guest creator to celebrate women

The collaboration between the renowned Crazy Horse Paris and the very first Guest Creator, Christian Louboutin, began with a simple text message. He became the first Guest Creator of Crazy Horse Paris with the Crazy show named “Fire”, performed from the 5th of March to the 31st of May 2012 to a sold-out audience. Christian Louboutin describes the Crazy Horse as « an iconic Parisian monument, a monument to dance, a modern and dreamlike conceptualization, celebrating women in honor of women”.


Until the end of the nails

Christian Louboutin’s launched early May 2018 a new neon nail polishes limited edition. And they are as flashy as their inspiration. The collection, called Loubiflash is meant to help women to display their boldness with a playful approach. It is inspired from the “Voodoo” of the Fire Crazy show, designed by Louboutin in 2012, where invisible hands were printing fluorescent traces on dancers’ bodies. Among the Pops collection, three of these fluorescent shades (Neoprene hot pink, Dragonflash turquoise-green and Crosta Meteor electric orange) are sold in the slender and weighted calligraphy-inspired bottle.


Feminity and fun: the right combination

There are few designers in the world able to combine feminity, sensuality and playful approach. With the Millenials, it is more common to display brands and products mixing these different aspects of women lives. Young women are more versatile, and the way of life more demanding. We need cosmetic products that fit with these new consumer requirements, while having a touch of self-derision is also appreciated.