Emotional Beauty: Towards a more holistic view of age and self-perception

It is pretty hard to escape from the first clear signs: the cosmetics industry is officially entering the “emotional era” and no longer addresses the issue of aging from the same angle.
But it keeps searching for more rationality to substantiate evidences regarding ingredients, formulas, objective skin beauty and emotional benefits. Keen to offer multifunctional ingredients that can keep up with this challenge in line with the “Well Aging” trend, SEQENS Cosmetics collaborated with Emospin to offer Emotional Beauty Enhancers active ingredients.

Their first launch considering emotional aspects was made in 2018. This natural active ingredient positioned on Healthy Aging raised the importance of both biological and
emotional parameters in the exceptional longevity of Japanese people in Okinawa. SEQENS Cosmetics focused more recently on deciphering very high-molecular-weight sugars according the 3D glycobiological patterns as well as emotional assessment. The interdependence between emotions, the perception of our own image (self-perception) or the image we think we project on others (allo-perception), represents an essential study lever for the global beauty industry. The impact of a cosmetic product on our emotions used to be set aside of the evaluation of efficacy of cosmetic products, or roughly estimated from subjective accounts.

Recently, reliable scientific approaches combining psychology and neuroscientific expertise emerged to offer valid quantification of this complex dimension.
Indeed, the tools developed by Emospin®, allow a quantitive evaluation of the emotional aspect of cosmetic products. Major parameters are the following: prosody (vocal parameters conveying emotional information such as intensity and pitch) and verbatim (lexical field spontaneously used by the volunteers), highlighted a significant improvement of the emotional state and an evolution towards a more optimistic, more positive lexical world in the group of volunteers treated with exopolysaccharides of over 4 million Da.

In line with the current ‘Less is more’ trend, the boom of minimalist cosmetics is also conveyed by an explicit demand of consumers for short, efficient, skin-preserving formulas. One of the main response strategies – without compromising on sophisticated textures – consists of using ingredients with several dimensions able to provide both biological and emotional benefits, and offer therefore support consumers’ well-being.


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The Cosmetic 360 Team.