Emuage - The future of cosmetics by Pôle Cosmétique

Your customised cosmetic products, freshly prepared at home in a couple of minutes! Emuage allows you to make a wide variety of cosmetic products at home, using water and encapsulated raw materials, ranging from skincare to hygiene and hair products. Have fun, test it out and customise! You will always end up with a fresh and safe cosmetic product of a very high dermatological quality. Welcome to a more transparent world of cosmetics.

Just add water 

Fill up the tank with water. Unless you live on a mountain, do not use tap water! You need water with a very low mineral content. You can also fill the tank with our floral water refills to add a natural and scented touch to your creation.

Make your choice

Emuage offers a wide range of textures, active ingredients and fragrances to quench your creative urges! 

Let Emuage guide you

Every capsule has a unique QR code, which Emuage detects after it has been inserted. Simply insert the capsule of your choice when the machine displays the request on the screen. 

Your creation is being made 

The manufacturing process to be applied is then determined automatically: temperature, stirring speed, order in which ingredients are added, etc. Let the magic happen! 

Prefect emulsion 

Emulsions and gels are created directly inside the reusable airless bottle, using the same finesse as in a laboratory.

Your care within reach 

After it has cooled down, all you need to do is pick up your customised product and enjoy the alchemy you’ve created! The finished product’s list the ingredients will be automatically available on your smartphone via the Emuage App.


Know more about the app and find answers to all your question on their website : https://www.emuage.com/en and come to meet Pôle Cosmétique to talk about this innovation the 16th and 17th October at Le Carrousel du Louvre. 



The Cosmetic 360 team.