FIGURE by Romy: a shot of beauty

Why is Romy Paris the future of at-home cosmetic ? 

Morgan Acas is a marketing specialist. He worked for fashion brands before he cofounded Romy Paris in 2010. Romy Paris is a care for skin brand. It proposes fresh (without preservative) and personalized care for skin to customers. After 5 years of R&D managed by David Leloup a new patent device was developed : a cosmetic formulator called Figure. The patented technology, Fresh Percussion System,  is unique and allows fresh and tailor-made skincare formulation.  

« The beauty sector evolves all the time. It changes  a lot and continuously. It has to adapt itself to the market changes. We observe the increasing number of startups. These are mainly working on the make-up market these last few years, but also on skincare » says Morgan. The main trend for the future of cosmetics is customization. Offering unique, tailor-made and on-demand products will be essential for the cosmetic users. More than products, these services will provide a full satisfying experience. 


Why did you found Romy ? 

"Everything started with a simple observation : the skin is alive.This living organ is the widest and the most exposed one. Each day, its aging process is accelerated by environmental factors. We wanted to offer the skin an adapted, fresh and healthy care. Our needs change every day, why would we provide the skin the same care no matter the environment or requirements ? ». Based on this mission, Romy Paris has dedicated 5 years of R&D to personalized cosmetics. 

With 9 patents, the technology of fresh percussion system is revolutionary. The right dose at the right time for a daily unique user experience. 


Cosmetic ingredients play a key role in the product 

Obviously, ingredients and formulation are meant to be more natural, without any added preservative. Less technological and more natural raw materials, respecting the different actors of the supply chain will be key success factors. 

With this vision, Romy launches new Fresh Cures based on kale, probiotics, vitamin C, yuzu… all these superfood ingredients bring a lot of new benefits to the cosmetic products. Benchmark with food or supplements are great inputs for cosmetic product development, with proven and known benefits. As a brand, Romy communicates widely with the ‘food’ terms related to food rends. For instance, juice bars are really trendy, such as the juicing approach by healthy lifestyle afficionados. 

Either you can buy some fresh juices with short expiry date, or you can buy the juice extractor and do your own juices. It is related both to the do-it-yourself trend and the healthy lifestyle trend we can observe all around the world. 


What is the program in 2018 : a new range launch and a corner at Le Printemps 

September 2017 was the launch of the Fresh Cures with a detox special care. The new product Romy Paris is launching now is a range of « shots ». What is that new way of using cosmetics inspired by food ? These are on-demand fresh shots of beauty care to be used before a meeting, a date or sport session, in order to be at your best in every situation. 

This summer, Romy Paris will be present at Printemps Haussmann Beauté, from the 29th of May to the 16th of July 2018. A Beauty Lab, workshops and contests will be organized as well as personalized skin diagnosis. You can also make your own fresh skin cure. Why would you wait 


Come and join us at Cosmetic 360 17-18 October 2018, to discover all the innovations of the cosmetic industry with exceptional exhibitors and conferences.