Nose: the key in customization of olfactive products

Nose is the new brand asset 

Everyone has his own Proust’s madeleine ! The perfumes market is mainly known through the names of the majors, either scent creators or fragrance brands. What we know less are the « nose », at the heart of the scent creation. More than just a mixologist, they are essential and strategic assets for the beauty industry. Discretion, elegance and creativity may characterized them. Why are they so special and how do they bring brands to life ? 


Focus on a young, independent « nose », Anaïs Fournial.  

She decided at first to be a lawyer. Then, she started medical studies that led her finally to chemistry. Chemistry appeared at last to be the right choice, with a specific orientation towards perfumes. She entered the ISIPCA school (Institut supérieur international du parfum, de la cosmétique et de l'aromatique alimentaire) near Paris. She also realized that perfumes have been part of her life since childhood. Her motto ? Help people and brands displaying their own singularity. 


Singularity is in the perfume 

Today, Anaïs creates perfumes for three different kind of clients. First, she offers a BtoC (Business to Consumer) on-demand service. She meets the individual, and through discussions about the inner person (tastes, sensitivity, culture etc) she progressively understands her/his real singularity. It is a real moment of human relationship. Then, she creates the perfect personalized scent. Customization is one of the megatrends of our societies, particularly in cosmetics, the best way to deliver the right offer to the right person. Anaïs is equipped in her lab in Paris with various tools and bottles. She can also add serigraphy for a more personal product. 


Niche brands are genuine 

« For niche brands,my activity is also to imagine and produce a genuine perfume in line with the brand positioning and identity. Brands are more and more developing brand territory, in terms of communication and adequacy with its clients expectations » says Anaïs. A marketing positioning for instance, is built through the image and the way of communication, beyond the products and services themselves. Anaïs adds : « I want to to create the fragrance that reflects ideally the brand identity ». 


Events you feel & remember  

A concert, a wedding or a party inspired by the exact scent that will remind you the moment forever ?  Anaïs offers a range of products and services to immortalize these magic instants. It also may be possible to keep it or offer it with candles or bottles. One day in the future, we shall say : « are you wearing the NewEve fantastic party 2018 scent »? 


Ingredients and sourcing 

Using natural ingredients is important to Anaïs because they tell stories. Among the cosmetic products, fragrance are the most well-founded to imagine tales. As an olfacotherapist (she obtained a certificate from the integrative aromatherapy school EFAI), she know how much odors have physiological effects on us. Thus, she looks for the right combination of natural ingredients to create the optimal fragrance. 


A message : dare to smell yourself 

Anaïs’ goal is to create fragrances that interact with the user and make the experience unforgettable. They have to catch the attention. For some people, it should be ultra personal and express the individual. For others it should make the others react, positively or not. Scents may be surprising or unexpected ! She wants to help people improve their self-esteem and self-confidence through the emotions they induce. Even though it means daring to be different, beyond the social pressure we know. Smelling and feeling emotions can’t always be put into words but that can express the inner parts of ourselves and create memories. 



My scent is the real « me »  

It has been evidence for more than 15 years that people choose perfumes that reflect the genetic make-ups of their immune systems. And those are directly correlated to our scents. Scents  influence attraction in humans. For instance, women prefer the smell of men whose major histocompatibility complex genes (part of our immune system) that are different from their own. The consequence is to mix DNA for the better combination of the future children health, and therefore the sustainability of the specie. Since infant health is critical for evolutionary success, Wedekind and Milinski showed that people might have a subconscious tendency to pick scents that amplify their own immunity. Find more about science and singularity in cosmetics at Cosmetic360 in Paris, 17-18 Octobre 2018, with special conferences dedicated to this topic. 


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