QVC France: an opportunity for entrepreneurs in cosmetic

Open distribution : a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in cosmetic 


What is open distribution ? 

Distribution of consumer goods has always been playing a key role in marketing and sales of cosmetic products. At the end of the supply chain, it represents the strategic interface between manufacturing brands and consumers. Thus, distribution is a business to consumer (BtoC) activity. It targets users through various ways. Distribution may be mass market (i.e. supermarkets), selective (i.e. drugstores, specific shops) or on internet (i.e. e-shop). What we call open distribution is a specific way of selling products. Open distribution is the allowance of the same types of items to be distributed in a certain region by different sellers, by opposition of exclusive distribution. In this context of opening distribution, QVC is a recent actor in beauty products trading. 


An omnichannel distribution network entirely dedicated to premium brands 

QVC is an acronym for "Quality Value Convenience ». Joseph Segel founded this American television shopping channel network in 1986, specializing in home shopping. As the leader of premium brands distribution on Internet, and television, QVC broadcasts to more than 350 million households in seven countries as QVC US, QVC UK, QVC Germany, QVC Japan, QVC Italy, QVC/CNR (China) and QVC France since 2015. Among a wide variety of product categories (fashion, shoes, handbags, jewelry, electronics, health & fitness, etc), cosmetic products represent a key selection of goods for the company.  


QVC in France 

In the country of exceptional cuisine, fine wine, and haute couture fashion, QVC's newest market, France, is of prime importance. QVC France was launched in August 2015 and has broadcasting and administration facilities just outside of Paris. Since then, the broadcast has been reaching 22 millions households on QVC network. French cosmetic brands surely have to discover this kind of distribution, where it is not as common as in the US yet, mainly for cultural reason. Though, it has been an obvious success overseas for years. 


Cosmetic Valley and QVC partnership 

In October, QVC will be present on the Cosmetic 360 exhibition to find and build partnerships with French cosmetic brands. The open distribution network is interested in all kind of companies, either they are well-established premium brands, or startups. QVC, more than displaying items on shelves or in online galleries, creates a multiple platform experience (broadcast, online, mobile, and social channels) that brings products and brands to life through people and stories. Does your product solve a problem, fill a void, or make day-to-day life a bit easier? Does your brand have a compelling narrative that will resonate with consumers? If you are interested in a promising distribution, you can easily fix an appointment on the internet website before the 1st of October. 


How to promote women entrepreneurship and the cosmetic made in France 

Like its business strategy, QVC France’s community involvement strategy is rooted in personal connections. The power of relationships aims to support women’s wellness and entrepreneurship. Because women play a critical role in building strong families and communities, preparing them for financial security and business success helps to make the world a better place. « If your organization’s mission aligns with ours in supporting the success and wellness of women, then we’d love to hear more during Cosmetic 360 exhibition », says Djamila Hazene-Kedjem, the communication and PR Manager of QVC France. « Please present us a brief description of your organization and why you think QVC would make a great partner ». QVC France offers entrepreneurs the tools to begin and build relationships with our engaged community of millions of shoppers worldwide. It is a great opportunity to build the link between « Made in France » young brands and communities of buyers. The multi-channel platforms aims at reaching the users with an acute precision. Moreover, the social mission of QVC France is to promote the empowerment of self-made women and women entrepreneurship who are developing cosmetic brands. 


A new shopper experience 

QVC France, stemming from the world’s leading multi-platform retailer, offers more ways for people to engage with, learn about, share, and ultimately purchase the products. Alongside the broadcast channels and website, established robust blogs, forums, second-screen app experiences, and social media channels help to give multiple ways to interact with the expansive customer base and fully tell the brand’s story. 


Do you want to know more about QVC France and meet them during your visit at Cosmetic 360 17-18 October 2018 in Paris. Please send us an email to fix an appointment at the exhibition. 

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