Smart beauty: an easier, better and funnier daily life

User experience at the heart 

When we talk about smart beauty or connected beauty, we talk about user experience. As for many other sectors, the way consumers will live the experience of knowing, buying and using a product or a service is more and more important for the cosmetic market. Though innovation is the key word for tech savvy brands and consumers, user experience (also called UX) is at the heart of slow life brands too. It is in fact the main common subject that opposite trends such as technophile orientation versus natural way of life are sharing. One goal : UX. 


At the interface of tech and care 

What UX brings along is UI, user interface. In other words, it represents all the communication displayed to the consumer, user or buyer of the product. For a cosmetic product, it could be advertisement, notice or obviously packaging wether it is primary (bottle, tube or jar) or secondary (boxes, wrap). Not only the information is important, but also the ease to read and understand it or the brand identity for instance. It is particularly important when innovation is claimed, or in emerging countries. More than the message the brand wants to deliver, the way it is delivered is of prime importance. Because it allows a better appreciation of the product, it is part of brand content. 


An example of smart beauty in the shower 

Smart partnerships for smart beauty concepts ! We all know that innovation benefits from cross-inspiration. Nespresso has for example initiated vocations for many companies based on its business model (cheap device with consumable supplies). The startup Skinjay is the pioneer of smart shower technology. It offers personnalisation with capsule of cosmetic cares directly delivered by your shower. Delivery is the core business of this young company, through an easy-to-use device. Though, Skinjay aims at promising a personalized well-being and skincare at a time where singularity represents a new trend. Very recently (we discovered it at the Vivatechnology show in May 2018), it joined the dermocosmetic brand La Roche-Posay to create the Lipikar AP+ shower capsule. This unique innovation infuses the water of shower with a lipid-replenishing formula inspired by La Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP+ known for their lipid-replenishing, anti-irritation / itchiness and skin rebalancing properties. The Skinjay device is installed between the mixer tap and the shower hose (no plumbing skills are required!). The capsule is then inserted and the running water is infused with the skincare, offering a skin-soothing experience for sensitive skin (dryness, itchiness, flar-ups) at all ages.  


A new gesture of convenience to make a better life  

Innovation may concerns cosmetic product formula. It is less frequent to innovate in terms of use and habits. Smart beauty is usually dedicated to make life easier, better or funnier. New beauty gestures may also be important in cosmetic, in a general context where we aim at improving physical and psychological comfort and self-esteem. In the modern urban jungle, work overload, extensive commuting time end induced stress have become a major factor of lifestyle and health quality deterioration across the world. Today, wellness is a key feature of beauty care. It allows both high-tech and slow-life brand to create new products and services in the cosmetic industry. 


Smart beauty in all cosmetic sectors 

The concept of smart beauty is to link technology to enhanced beauty.We saw it in make-up with Giaran and Shiseido or virtual reality mirrors and tutorials. At the Vivatechnology show in May 2018, L’Oreal displayed many startup innovations for instance (Interactive mirror Modiface, Beauty Mix, robots etc). Connected skincare is also led by sensors, that represent a key element for innovation. A wide range of innovation ahead!… 



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