Be ACTIVEly committed: a case study around Plant Cell Culture

Début : 16/10/2019 à 16h30
Fin : 16/10/2019 à 17h30
Lieu : Conference Room
Prix : 45 €

Historical purchase drivers, like price and accessibility, are gradually being replaced by eco-social criteria such as sustainability, ethics and safety in line with the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Being actively engaged in a holistic CSR approach consists in giving equal importance to the planet, people and business in terms of reduction of the social and environmental impact of all the company activities.

When it comes to product development, all CSR impacts should be considered, from the very first stages, in order to offer the most eco-socio-designed ingredient possible without forgetting efficiency.

During this presentation we’ll discuss about the creation of an active ingredient issued from plant cell culture, an eco-designed production mode, that perfectly illustrates this committed approach.