Biomimicry as a tool for sustainable innovation

Début : 16/10/2019 à 9h30
Fin : 16/10/2019 à 10h30
Lieu : Conference Room
Prix : 45 €

Who is the global leader of sustainable innovation?  Nature. 

The millions of species on Earth today are the successful products of 3.8 billion years of innovation and sustainable development. 

Biomimicry is learning from and emulating nature’s biological forms, processes, and systems to create sustainable solutions.  Biomimicry can be applied in almost every domain of human society, including cosmetics, and is becoming increasingly popular in industry. 

This presentation will demonstrate how nature can serve as a rich source of inspiration for designing effective products and systems that also support the well-being of the planet.  An overview of biomimicry, its potential for industry, and the process of biomimicry in R&D will be shared.