Development of an ex-vivo re-innervated skin model to assess active ingredients

Début : 18/10/2018 à 13h30
Fin : 18/10/2018 à 14h30
Prix : 45 €

The nervous system plays a significant role in skin homeostasis by interacting with skin cells. In various skin pathologies such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, inflammatory conditions activate neuronal cells and signal transduction causing uncomfort, itch or even pain.

To date, few in vitro models are available to study neuronal system and its interaction with skins cells. Neuroscience laboratory in Brest has developed an organotypic model that can be re-innervated by using dorsal root ganglia (DRG) from rodents. 

Currently, there is no available model using only cells from human origin and re-innervation is low and not always repeatable.

Our collaboration aimed at improving and optimizing this model so that it can be suitable for cosmetic proof of concept studies.