Disruptive innovative eco-design shower

Début : 17/10/2018 à 14h30
Fin : 17/10/2018 à 15h30
Prix : 45 €

Featuring an innovative and patented formula, this shower gel is the combination of two assets: an innovative formula with specific physical properties which deliver a generous foam with only one dab for one sensorial and perfumed shower, and this dab dosing is facilitated thanks to a smart valve cap gifted with a drop-stop system.

The Concentrated Shower Gel is a new sensorial consumer experience and it offers in a 100ml bottle, as many showers as a 400ml classical shower gel, meaning 50% less plastic and 40% less greenhouse gases.

It is defined in 3 concepts: a concentrate of pleasure, a concentrate of innovation and a concentrate of eco-design.