New 3D in vitro test method for skin sensitization assessment

Début : 18/10/2018 à 12h30
Fin : 18/10/2018 à 13h30
Prix : 45 €

The newly developed reconstructed tissue-based assay Rhe/il-18 was evaluated for its prediction capacities compared to in vivo historical reference results.

20 references substances were tested, and Several prediction models were proposed to evaluate the results of the assay, in order to determine the optimal way to use the experimental data.

The test system provided stable levels of basal and solvent induced IL-18 release over 10 batches of epidermises, with remarkably low basal levels of this cytokine. The prediction performances were found to be comparable to previously published results and differences were examined in terms of balance between positive and negative substance identification between the tried prediction models.

The results indicate promising prediction performances of the assay, with similar levels of sensitivity, specificity and accuracy to OECD validated assays, albeit obtained with a reduced number of substances.