The active transportation system used in skin care products

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LipoMask is a novel technology based on the liposomal system. It can reduce the damaging effect of the environment on the active ingredients in cosmetics as well as improve its percutaneous absorption. It consists of phospholipids whose special interface properties produce a cell membrane-like bilayer structure. The structure can encapsulate both hydrophilic and lipophilic active ingredients which are released once applied and allowed to permeate the skin. It has been proved that LipoMask-processed formula can significantly reduced the average particle size to submicron scale with better penetration ability than non-LipoMask-processed one. Furthermore, the clinical study shows that the skin efficacies such as moisturizing, brightening, anti-spot, soothing, anti-wrinkle are significantly improved after LipoMask-processing. For practical application, LipoMask technique can be utilized in customized formula making unique products such as masks and serums.