Towards a guideline for the evaluation of the microbiological protective activity of cosmetic packaging

Début : 18/10/2018 à 16h30
Fin : 18/10/2018 à 17h30
Prix : 45 €

Packaging is an intrinsic component of the cosmetic product essential for protection against microbial contamination as underlined by ISO11930. This role is crucial with the increase of low content or even preservative free cosmetics. In response, a multitude of packaging designed as safe, protective, overprotective or barrier have been developed but there is no homogeneous definitions to these words and choosing the right packaging adapted to the properties of the cosmetic product is a complex challenge. The EPMP commission of Cosmetic Valley, which includes members of cosmetic and packaging industries as well as specialists of safety assessment and academics, has worked on a guideline which aims at defining a complete evaluation procedure allowing a ranking of cosmetic packaging in regard of their protective properties against microbial contamination. In this conference we will present the principles of this guideline and its key steps.