Tracking extreme longevity secrets: an innovative approach in the study of healthy skin aging

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With the extension of life expectancy, maintaining long-term health and well-being throughout the human lifespan is becoming an essential challenge.
Geographic areas with unusually high proportions of long-lived individuals, notably the island prefecture of Okinawa, are called Blue Zones1. The Okinawa Centenarian Study (OCS) initiated in 1975, is the longest continuously running study of centenarians and research has suggested that the traditional plant based diet has been an important contributing factor2.
ID bio focused on a plant assumed as being one of the food factors potentially contributing to this longevity phenomenon in Okinawa. In order to identify a new link between this plant and longevity at the cutaneous level, the research teams of the company designed an active ingredient from the leaves and carried out in vitro, ex vivo and clinical studies. Results indicate a positive impact of this active extract on the skin aging process such as modulation of pathways involving extracellular matrix elements, synthesis and connections.