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Secteur d'activité: Tests et Analyses
Pays: France
Stand: P4

Innovative genomic quantitative method on the skin microbiom
ADNid is a Contract Research Organization approved for the Frances tax credit for research and development. Our laboratory is certified ISO 17025. ADNid/QUALTECH Group in partnership with ATOXIGEN offer an innovative genomic quantitative method to analyze products effects on the cutaneous microbiome, this fundamental skin bodyguardis. This partnership offers a unique window combining invivo/in vitro solution and molecular assay for cosmetic substantiation of finished cosmetic products and raw materials.

QUALTECH Groupe is a major multisector bioanalytical player, deploying its cutting-edge services in genomics for the cosmetic industry. Genomics is a science offering major innovations to cosmetology and skin care.
- Identification and quantification of skin microbiome, DNA sequencing, unique know-how
- New approach to evaluate the effects of ingredients on the skin
- Biochemical expertise of active ingredients in raw materials and finished products (carotenoids, vitamins, polyphenols, antioxidants)
- DNA analysis for quality control of biosourcing to secure authenticity and traceability of vegetable raw materials

QUALTECH Groupe is a real technical support partners of your companies, offering adapted solutions to the specific requirements of your R&D, quality control and marketing departments.
Our analyses must be a benefit for our customer
- Financial gain with the securitisation of supply
- Validation of our R&D
- Home-made method on measure
- Provide evidence and assurances for your customers and reglementary services
- Credibility and transparency – detection of unfair practices – ethic and biodiversity
Innovation to serve your needs.