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Secteur d'activité: Marques
Pays: République de Corée

AMAROS Co., Ltd. - An excellent functional cosmetics & medical beauty device manufacturer! Export to 61 countries!
Amaros Co., Ltd.'s cosmetics are used in hospital and luxury SPA in more than 60 countries and is specialized in cosmetics, medical beauty equipment that directly research, develop, and produce various products.

Amaros Co., Ltd. is a leading global company that researches and manufactures functional cosmetics and medical products (skin, obesity, scalp), and exports them to worldwide with FDA, PMDA(Japan), DCA(Malaysia), Viet FDA, ISO 13485, CE, RoHS certified. (Ex. USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, Chile, Dominican Republic, Philippines, etc.)

Our advantage is not only to develop excellent cosmetics & medical beauty device, but more importantly, we can provide doctors and clerk with technical training for cosmetics, filler and laser equipment, and also can provide targeted customization for various skin care programs & laser procedure for beauty SPA& Medical Clinic.