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Secteur d'activité: Marques
Pays: République de Corée

Global cosmetics manufacturer in KOREA
Established in 1995, as a cosmetics researcher and manufacturer, we are continuosly growing in the rapidly changing beauty market by technical innovation. After acquiring the first factory with CGMP certification from KFDA in 2016, we also have completed headquarters and the second plant in 2018 to produce 2.5 million per day, 750 million sheets per year, which is the largest production capacity in mask pack industry. cnf Co., Ltd has secured competitiveness in the fast changing beauty market through continuous technological innovation and exclusively supplied a non-woven fabric of new material that we developed with good insight that foresees the future. Our representative products are SHEET MASK, HYDROGEL MASK, HYDROGEL PATCH, FILM PATCH, SKIN & BODY CARE COSMETICS and etc.