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Secteur d'activité: Matières premières
Pays: France
Stand: E11

Revealing the Power of Beauty
At DSM we believe that beauty enriches people’s lives.

That’s why we continually challenge ourselves to understand in depth our customers’ needs, their brands and people’s beauty aspirations worldwide. These insights drive us every day to reveal beauty’s power.

With foresight and imagination, we connect and leverage our bright science in Skin, Sun, Hair Care and Make-up to develop innovative formulas, and create beauty concepts for you such as 'Anti-pollution', 'Blue light', 'Millennials under the spotlight', 'Building trust through transparency' in connection with the Clean beauty trend, or our latest concept 'Epibiome Beauty™' for skin microbiome care.

DSM’s extensive portfolio includes key ingredients for trendy formulations that will love consumers, such as such as peptides, natural and high-tech skin care bio-actives, UV filters, hair care polymers , sensory modifiers and vitamins. To go further, our services includes peace of mind quality assurance and regulatory, technical support, formulation expertise and our own sensory panel.

Strong believer in Sustainability, it is a common conviction that runs through everything we do.
Our purpose is DSM… Doing Something Meaningful!

And our ambition is to address the societal and environmental challenges that we are all facing. Therefore, we have committed to positively impact the Public Health through our Skin Cancer Prevention Initiative. We have also set up drastic greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, and we are proud that DSM has the lowest carbon footprint for Vitamin E in the industry.

All our creativity and solutions-based thinking is dedicated to inspiring our customers worldwide, allowing us to create together a brighter, more beautiful world for people today and generations to come.