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IZLE CO.,LTD is a cosmetic manufacturer based in South Korea.

We has developed and produced cosmetic items for domestic and overseas countries for over two decades.

Since the beginning, we have always been striving to establish a competitive manufacturing system through constant investment in R&D and new technology development. We have our own R&D lab and patents (Lipstick Automatic Filling System | Paten Number: 10 2062114), which we can produce up to 20,000 units of lipstick per day.

Based on our long-time accumulated manufacturing know-how and high quality technology, facilities and manpower, our company operates an one-stop production systems for our customers.

We are capable of OEM/ODM production.

We also have our own brand named RESPARA, ready to be delievered to the market.

We are looking for...

1- Prospective Buyers who have their own cosmetics Brand and want to have their products made by a quality Korean manufacturer.

We will be the only contact you need to know.

Having our broad connection with container companies, packaging companies..., we provide you one-stop solution from making to packaging to shipping.

2- Retailers who want to distribute our RESPARA Brand products in their countries.

We will provide you high-quality made in Korea products with the minimum factory price. You don't need to worry about the MOQ.

Why working with us?

Because we are a manufacturer, the advantages are huge.

1- You can tell us what kind of products will match your market. We can custom made them for you.

2- We can meet your demand on quantity immediately. We can make up to 20,000 units per day.

3- In case you OEM, you don't need to wait for months from the 2nd time order. When the cases are available, we make and deliver to you with 15 days.

4- In case you distribute Respara, we can make and ship to you 1 day after you order. You can get the goods within a week (or less).

5- We did research and develop unique product that other companies don't have, that is core lipstick, the matte lipstick with the essence core inside.