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Secteur d'activité: Fabrication à façon
Pays: États-Unis
Stand: FA18

NanoSpun Revolutionary Live-Active Probiotic Skincare Products
Experience the next generation of skincare!

NanoSpun has created a game-changing bio-printing platform technology that produces the industry’s first live-active probiotic skincare tissues. Our live-active probiotic tissues produce essential biological nutrients that are fresh, natural and unoxidized. These nutrients are delivered to the skin via a mask, patch, or serum, nourishing the skin and boosting the skin microbiome.

Our live-active products have been clinically proven in large-scale independent tests to support the improvement of common skin conditions such as hydration, wrinkles, and redness. Our products can also be tailored using targeted strains of probiotics to modulate more specific skin conditions such as acne, eczema, aging, UV damage, and hyper-pigmentation.

NanoSpun's ground-breaking live-active probiotic skincare products revolutionize skin treatment and set a new industry standard for skincare products. For the first time ever, skincare companies can create their own custom lines of live and active probiotic skincare products that deliver on the real promise and benefits of live and active probiotic skincare.